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"(Y/n), (y/n)! Are we still going to practice after school?" Asked your Italian friend, Feliciano.

You glanced up from the book you were currently reading, only to be assaulted by the suns warm, blinding rays, causing you to blink rapidly before you could finally see your two best friends standing before you.

"What are you two doing later?" Inquired the tall German to Feliciano's left.

"I'm going to give (y/n) a driving lesson!" Exclaimed the enthused Italian.

The expression that abruptly formed on Ludwig's face was priceless, that is, until the shock wore off and he immediately claimed that no such thing would happen.

"Why not?!" You retorted angrily, " This has nothing to do with you!"

You were infuriated by him trying to thwart your plans for the evening.

"Yes it does. I don't want you to get hurt because you were taught by an idiot to drive. Italians can't drive anyway, especially not Feliciano. You'll never pass your test like that, " Ludwig finished with a firm expression. You just grew angrier with every word that came out of his frowning mouth.

Finally, you were so upset that you starting throwing a small tantrum, which consisted of you balling up your fists and banging them against Ludwig's muscular chest, demanding that he just shut up and get out of your personal life.

After letting you hit him for a moment,  Ludwig grabbed your wrists and said, "Calm down, (y/n).
You always overreact; I didn't even get to finish what I was saying."

He waited until you stopped trying to hit him, and then finished with, " I would feel bad and it would be irresponsible to leave you without a teacher, so I will substitute for Feliciano. "

"B-but!  I wanted to teach (y/n)!" The light-haired Italian whimpered.

He soon stopped after being the recipient of a rather intimidating glare from the blonde beside him.

So, that's how you ended up with Ludwig sitting beside you as you buckled up for your first lesson. You were pretty sure this would consist of a lot of yelling and, later on, you would eventually be sobbing in your room due to vast humiliation. Good thing you're so optimistic.

The lesson wasn't too bad; there was a bit of yelling, but, surprisingly,  you weren't too shabby when it came to driving. This continued for a few days repeatedly without much change, until one day your friend changed the subject to something you weren't expecting.

"So, (y/n)," Ludwig started as you backed out of a parking space,"to be frank, I like you. A lot and in a romantic way."

Upon hearing this, you nearly hit the car parked to your right due to increased pressure on the pedal.

Ludwig finished with, "I'm not good at this kind of thing, so I'll leave it at that. Besides, I don't think words can truly suffice for how strongly I feel for you.."

Without responding, you continue driving in the parking lot you were in for a bit, and shortly find a nice spot to park. After you put the vehicle in park, Ludwig starts to open the passenger door, looking crestfallen. You grab his wrist quickly, and before you can say anything Ludwig says, "Look, I get it; it's obvious the feeling isn't mutual."

"You moron," you say before leaning in and giving him a sweet kiss on the mouth.

"B-but I thought you parking the car and your silence was. . . ?" He trailed off.

You roll your eyes playfully at this, "I couldn't exactly drive and kiss you at the same time, now could I? Besides, you shocked me with your unexpected confession," you finish with a small smile.

A bit later you ask why he decided to confess then.

"I didn't know if we would survive with your driving, so I figured I should let you know while I could."
So, it's very late where I am, and I'm very tired; I apologize if there are any spelling or grammar errors.
The plot is kind of weird, and I don't know that the characters are very in character. I'm not used to writing for Germany, so yeah. I hope you enjoy anyway!
I do not own Hetalia. 
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